Water for Business

A good business manager knows how clients or customers should be treated. He or she will play the part or have the receptionist do it. The important thing is to make people feel welcome when they enter your space. After the first hellos, in white-collar companies in particular, it is most polite to offer a beverage. This seems to be the epitome of classy greetings and sophisticated accommodations. The person who has entered may have a bit of a wait for an appointment—you know how many people arrive early—and enjoying cool water or hot coffee is a nice way to pass the time.

In the morning, coffee is the rule, absolutely. Later in the day it can be brewed tea or cold water. If you have a water filtering system, you can bring your visitors a nice glass filled with ice. Any way you slice it, or pour it I should say, you are taking care of business while business awaits.

There was a time when everyone had a rented water dispenser. It would be sitting in the kitchen area, and if you were willing to pay up, it had cold and hot water taps. It was plugged into the wall and was ready, willing, and able to serve employees and clients alike as needed. Then as more and more people got into hydrating all day long (when did that happen? In the 80s?), and more and more water was used, economically minded owners decided to filter right on the spot. There was never a question of regular tap water, God forbid! Health was part of the issue, of course, and also taste. Most water has a chlorine flavor or is cloudy and who wants to see that.

As a result, the water one selects in one’s enterprise has become a major decision. Should you go to Costco and buy cases of Evian or buy a nice water filter system instead. Then people can make coffee, grab a drink from the dispenser in the fridge, or even wash their hands in pure clean liquid. What a nice world we live in and business is at the forefront of progress. Water becomes the hallmark of civilization. You see people walking about the streets of America with water in hand. They never let those precious bottles go, even while driving or exercising. It is natural that this fad has translated to the business arena.

Cost is a concern for every entrepreneur whether it has to do with how long you keep the lights on, how much water you use, or how often you use the copy machine. Utilities are a fundamental part of any budget. The expense for a grade A water filtering system thus comes into play. Doing the math will show the difference between 20 cases of bottled spring water per month versus installation and outlay for replacement cartridges. I suspect over the long haul there is a benefit to the in-house system. It depends on the size of the company, of course, and the bigger it is, the more it makes sense to self filter. Go for it.