Protecting your Business

I give business advice and have helped many people get a new enterprise off the ground using basic finance principles. Once it is alive and functioning, there are other concerns that arise. For example, in response to inquiries about safety and protection on a property, I talk about what to do during an invasion or robbery. I don’t advocate weapons as accidents are all too frequent and more deadly than the assault in many cases. I do discuss self defense in another manner as well as certain tried and true measures you can implement to safeguard yourself and employees.

As with earthquake and fire preparedness, theft must be addressed in advance. Drills are a good way to impart the desired immediate response. If you work in a store, for example, that keeps cash on site, you should expect that someday, a fearsome stranger will darken your door. Having a safe is not enough. You must have a panic button that reaches the police if you want absolute security. In other businesses, I find that disgruntled ex-employees are the greatest threat. Thieves know that there isn’t much to steal in a corporate office. They might get a few wallets here and there, but unless they come as a group, it is one against a dozen or more. The numbers tell the story. Hence, each business should anticipate the type of survival issues they might encounter in their neighborhood. It is not uncommon to have psychotic homeless wander in off the street if you are on the ground floor.

Self defense is merited if you or any staff member is threatened. I have heard of bosses and managers requiring martial arts courses. It is voluntary but the prospect of imminent danger motivates most people to pay attention and participate. People feel more self-confident and are less likely to panic and aggravate a robber. On the other hand, they can get cocky and try out some fancy maneuvers to overcome the person and stop him in his tracks. This takes guts, of course, but martial arts instructors encourage it. The aggression you express should deter most invaders, especially those without weapons (Source: Self Defense Guide). If you fear for your life, you may prefer to remain calm and quiet lest your moves prove ineffective.

You can avoid the necessity of applying your martial arts skills if you have an alarm that can be accessed from multiple locations. It should reach the police immediately. Then you have to hang in there as long as it takes for them to arrive. You can have pepper spray on hand, a stun gun or Taser, and any other self defense product you are comfortable using. Practice several kinds of situations during which you will employ different tactics. Role play what you would say in each case and how the group should respond. Should someone take the lead? If it is planned in advance, the employees will be likely to do the right thing.