Investment Gifts

I love to buy wedding gifts. It means a wonderful couple is about to begin a long, happy life together (I am always optimistic in the beginning). It means an elegant event is taking shape that I will eagerly attend. It is like a reunion where I can see old friends and maybe even family. It is a place to meet new people. A wedding is largely about nostalgia, future success, the formation of a new life, and more. As mundane and common as they are, each and every one is unique and promising.

The process of selecting an appropriate gift is usually pretty easy. You get a list from which to choose and you can sense the priorities. If you are an early shopper, there is more available and you aren’t stuck with the last, least popular item (or most expensive). Money isn’t always a factor for me, but there is a budget range I follow depending upon the closeness of the couple.

I go online as everyone else does and scan the product images and read the reviews on sites like So much is practical like kitchen appliances, but there are glamor gifts like bone china, silver place settings, crystal glasses, and serving pieces. Sometimes it takes me a while to imagine each item in their home. I don’t click and run. I take this job seriously as you can tell. I see it as a kind of responsibility and not a quick, snap decision. My friends will forever associate me with my gift, and there is also a bit of ego in that.

The deluxe mixer looks nice. Everyone needs a good one. They are so much more attractive these days. A bread maker is more unusual. I can just smell the aroma. What do they really need? Everything no doubt. Who buys this stuff when they are single? I suppose they will be used with frequency. I am of a different mind about it, however. I want an investment gift, not a blender. Something of value that will retain its worth. Maybe a complete set of solid silver for 6. The prices are going up, up, up. There is nothing in gold, of course, unless you count gold trim on china.

If I choose silver, it will be a big, classy investment on my part. I do want it to seem that way. I start to look more closely at the extensive list. I hadn’t paid attention to the crystal vases because they are so common, but there it was. A gorgeous Lalique stunner of etched glass and the most amazing details. It is a gift of love to be sure and pretty pricey. But how lovely it will look filled with long-stemmed roses on the dining table for all to see and admire. I have a momentary second thought as I stare at the utilitarian and very modern mixer, but no. This is it. My version of an investment gift, and also one of taste and discernment. How can I go wrong?