Investing in Toilets

I am all about investing, but who knew I would apply it to bathroom fixtures and related product design? I guess you can use tried-and-true financial principles for any purchase in your life. Recently, I saw a show on the Home and Garden cable channel so I have this image in my head about remodeling that essential room in the house—the one that 99% of the time is outdated and quaint. Think about ugly linoleum tile and patina-coated faucets. What about windows that don’t open and rusty medicine cabinets stuck awkwardly on the wall. Shower curtains! Agh.

People like the décor of their era. Remember the pink and black tile bathrooms of the 40s? The granite spa look of the 2000s? In between are all sorts of odd colors like turquoise ceramic tubs, burgundy toilets, and tiny tile shower stalls. Subway tile is still popular for the plain Jane in people and it’s cheap. There was a time for Mexican painted tile and a place for antique cabinets and fixtures. (Actually, that theme was pretty nice!)

If your bathroom is begging for redesign, give some attention to a good toilet first and foremost. It will be an investment of great value. By law, you must use reduced water consumption models but there is a lot more to consider. It’s always white or almond now, but shape and functionality are issues as well. You might need a smaller unit or a luxury model with a big oval seat, so do consider your personal and spatial requirements. There is a plethora of choices and it can be daunting. Try to narrow it down using sites like the one here to avoid information overload. Looks count a lot as always.

Now for the interesting part. There is a line of “washlet” toilets out there for that ultimate hygienic experience. These babies might have originated in Japan where they are widely used today; but wherever they were conceived, they are phenomenal. Installing one will add to your home’s resale value for sure. It denotes modernism and state-of-the art priorities. If people don’t know what they cost (in the thousands), then tell them. Even if you feel entrenched in your home, real estate considerations should always be at the back of your mind. Such a toilet will create the illusion that everything in the house is new and trendy.

The sinks and tubs in your rehabbed room have to be quality as well, not to mention the flooring and surfaces; but I am obsessed with this hybrid toilet/bidet idea. You can enjoy a spray of warm, soothing water to end your routine chore. An automatic air dryer goes on and if you want, a deodorizer. I am not joking. If you don’t want to go to Japan to try it out, take my word for it. I saw it on the screen.

There may be other top-of-the-list items for your new space, but this one will be a crowd and family pleasure of the first order. Go on line and take a gander at the models and prices. You will be amazed at what you have been missing.