Invest in Yourself

Investing is for growth long-term, income now, tax-savings, and more. You can’t start any too soon if you want to retire in style. The money slips away, and then there is the mad dash called “the run for the roses.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are times when investing in yourself means more in the present moment than worrying incessantly about the future.

You “invest” by paying attention to your needs and planning accordingly. You create a road map that measures your progress along the way. The goal can be anything: a college education for your kids or grandkids, retirement, a grand vacation blowout, etc. You also invest in yourself by attending to your psyche and mental states by finding ways to stay happy and healthy.

Some people, women in particular, love to indulge in physical pleasures like facials, massages, spa treatments, etc. If you are relaxed and stress-free, you can be more productive at home and on the job. Your family will notice your positive mood and respond in kind.

One of my great secret guilty pleasures is a pedicure. I mean a deluxe version with a rosewater foot soak, scented enriched lotion, and long-lasting nail polish. I want an hour-long session of bliss with the best foot rub in the world. I make sure I have the time, money, and energy for it at least once a month. It is part of my budget and I recommend it to be part of yours. Go to the best salon in your area—no expense is too much to attain happiness. It has to be special.

I look forward to it so much that I was crestfallen when one month I saw that I had acquired a toenail fungus and the manicurist recommended a toenail fungus treatment called ZetaClear. How could I forego even one moment of my favorite pastime? I didn’t know that it actually meant four months of no pedicure or polish. Can you really get depressed about your toes?

I got a laser cure from a dermatologist, but lost many valuable hours of the relaxation I needed to keep going at my usual pace. Sometimes you get caught up in your busy life, so missing time off for yourself can be harmful. Investing in yourself means a regular program of beneficial activities and perks. Your feet get a lot of beating—standing, constant walking, stair climbing, etc. Not to mention those tight, but stylish shoes.

I appreciate my indulgence more than ever having foregone it for a period of time. Try my philosophy and find something that you like in particular and make it a must in your life. The benefits will be legion: you will notice the results. If you are not physical in orientation and don’t even like sports, you can take up a hobby or craft you can do sitting down. Whatever you choose, consider it an investment in yourself and a surefire remedy for everything that ails you and threatens to diminish your day.