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I am all about investing, but who knew I would apply it to bathroom fixtures and related product design? I guess you can use tried-and-true financial principles for any purchase…

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I give business advice and have helped many people get a new enterprise off the ground using basic finance principles. Once it is alive and functioning, there are other concerns…

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A good business manager knows how clients or customers should be treated. He or she will play the part or have the receptionist do it. The important thing is to…

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Water businesses are many. There are ample ways to make a living from the sea. People who earn their livelihood fishing, for example, often follow in the footsteps of ancestors…

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I have a friend, Barbara, who wanted to invest in a retail business for the first time designed for her unique tastes. She likes people and enjoys the sales process.…

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I love to buy wedding gifts. It means a wonderful couple is about to begin a long, happy life together (I am always optimistic in the beginning). It means an…

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I might recommend an IPO if it looked really fantastic and wasn’t just touted by the issuing brokerage firm. It would be something less risky than the usual fare, something…

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Investing is for growth long-term, income now, tax-savings, and more. You can’t start any too soon if you want to retire in style. The money slips away, and then there…

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